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Zoom History

All zoom class recordings.

On Demand



What is it?

All on Bronze.


Access to the VFJ VIP Exclusive website and WhatsApp groups.

Access the current weeks zoom class recordings.

What do I need?

The classes are a mix of various styles of mat based Pilates. For some you will need space to lie down for some you will space to move around whilst standing. Please check individual descriptions for space requirements. A mat if you have it but it's not essential. You may also need equipment again please check individual descriptions for requirements. Chill-out music in the background if you wish.

Please make sure you have consulted with your doctor prior to participating in any form of exercise, have a safe space to exercise in and are well enough to complete the session.

Who is it for?

Anyone who would like access to all our zoom classes past a present all at the same time.

You can pick and choose which class from all current zoom classes and those no longer on our timetable.

Start Rhythm Pilates and follow it to its end or choose a different class each time.

As well access to all previous recordings the zoom history membership also enables you to access the current weeks zoom class recordings as they are uploaded each week without the need to book onto the class and wait for the email with the links and passwords.

Currently there are two weekly zoom classes on our live timetable - Barre pilates and Healthy Spine Pilates all other classes are history recordings.

Who is it not for?

Anyone who has any condition that is prohibative to exercise without prior medical authorisation.

Other Info

Billed weekly until cancelled. Start anytime.

Please ensure you have filled out the health questionnaire prior to the start of the first session. Access to the questionnaire is through the VFJ Pilates website.

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