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What Is the VIP Membership & Why Has It Been Added To My Account?

Put simply the VIP membership is our thank you to you for your continued custom...

It is free to all current paying customers.

When Is It Added & What Does it give Me?

The VIP membership is usually added upon the purchase of your second class or 1-2-1 session, or straight away if you have purchased any pass or recurring paid membership.

On the last Friday of every month you get a free treat and it also gives you access to the VIP website group. Gold and silver members often also recieve additional treats or extended versions of the VIP treats.

Please note that the VIP membership for paying customers only. This means that once every couple of months a check of active customers is made. If you haven't purchased anything from us in around two months then your VIP

What Are The Friday Treats?

The Friday treats are designed to supplement and compliment your journey with VFJ Pilates. The treats take many forms.

Sometimes it is a 10 minute taster video of a new online class.

Sometimes it is a full length 30 minute stretch session. Sometimes it is a coupon code for a free class or money off a membership.

Sometimes it is a PDF for you to download and use. We have things such as phone wallpapers, habit trackers, soup recepies, grab & go exercise cards, money saving challenges and relaxation guides.

Why Is It A Membership?

Once upon a time there was a VIP group on Facebook. However Facebook likes to change things without notice, like changing how the topics work therfore making searching for what you wnat on the group more difficult. I also often had trouble uploading the longer videos and larger PDF files. Plus not everyone is one Facebook but most people know how to navigate the internet and a website.

We decided. after Facebook was down once for a full day and there was nothing we could to to help you guys access your treats, the only way to keep things consistent for you and less stressful for us was to transfer to the website. We felt the best way to do this was to create a membership that is manually added to your account.

Can I Opt Out?

Of course you can. Having the VIP membership is not madatory! However remember is it entirely FREE and exclusively for paying customers. If you do not wish it to be added to your account please contact us and we will remove it, or simply not add it if we haven't yet done so. Alternatively you can navigate to the 'Your Subscriptions' page on the website and cancel it yourself from there.

Where do I Find Everything?

Everything can be found inside the VIP members area which can be found at the bottom of every website page. For more information about how to access members areas check out this blog post.

So what are you waiting for? Go check it all out!

Victoria xx


If there is anything you'd like for us to produce as a Friday treat or anything you'd like to see more of then just let us know! Feedback is always welcome as we want you make use of your Friday treats.



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