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Pilates for Lower Back

Free Your Lower Back

No longer live

30 Minutes


What is it?

This session is designed to strengthen and stretch the muscles in the lower back and the supporting muscles as well as mobilising the spine. Using a classic style of Pilates class with plenty of options and levels given for each exercise.

What do I need?

This class is entirely mat based. You only need space to lie down.

Equipment needed - A mat if you have it but it's not essential. Pilates mini ball, small cushion or rolled up pillow. Yoga belt, band or scarf.

Please make sure you have consulted with your doctor prior to participating in any form of exercise and have a safe space to exercise in.

Who is it for?

Ideal for anyone with stiffness, tightness or weakness in their lower back. Anyone wanting to improve core strength and posture and increase flexibility. Anyone wanting to move more, exercise and de-stress.

Who is it not for?

Anyone who has any condition that is prohibative to exercise without prior medical authorisation.

Other Info

No longer available live you must purchase a membership to view.

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