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Rhythm Pilates

Rhythmical Pilates

No longer live

30 Minutes


What is it?

Utilising mini flowing sequences and choreographic elements of dance this session is set to slightly more up tempo music for an energetic workout.

What do I need?

This class includes a lot of standing work. You will need space in front and to the side of you when standing as well as space to transition to the floor and to lie down.

Equipment needed - A mat if you have it but it's not essential.

Please make sure you have consulted with your doctor prior to participating in any form of exercise and have a safe space to exercise in.

Who is it for?

Ideal for anyone who would like a more intense Pilates workout. Anyone with an interest in dance and fitness. Anyone who wants a change from traditional Pilates. Anyone who wants to try something new. Anyone wanting to move more, exercise and de-stress.

Who is it not for?

Anyone who has any condition that is prohibative to exercise without prior medical authorisation.

Other Info

No longer available live you must purchase a membership to view.

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