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Simply Fitness Pilates

Nothing but Pilates

Tuesday 5.30pm

45 Minutes


What is it?

Fitness Pilates applies the fundamental Pilates techniques and exercises to:
- increase muscular balance and strength;
- improve posture;
- improve core strength;
- identify basic postural imbalances.

Fitness Pilates will strengthen and tone weak muscles and improve flexability by lengthening tight muscles.

What do I need?

Equipment needed - A mat is essential as I do not have any spare mats.

All other equipment will be provided unless you wish to use your own.

Please make sure you have consulted with your doctor prior to participating in any form of exercise.

Who is it for?

This is suitable for absolutely anyone. From the complete beginner to advanced practitioner, from pregnancy to athlete, everyone can be catered for. All exercises come with adaptations, modifications and progressions, you choose the level that suits you best.

Who is it not for?

Anyone who has any condition that is prohibative to exercise without prior medical authorisation.

Other Info

Please bring your own mat as I do not have any spare mats.

Please ensure you have filled out the health questionnaire prior to the start of the first session. Access to the questionnaire is through the VFJ Pilates website.

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