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bi-monthly challenges

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Welcome to the VFJ Pilates bi-monthly challenge.  Here you will find all the information you need to complete the challenge.  The finale will be broadcast live via YouTube and on zoom exclusively for WhatsApp members.

If you would like reminders then join our Facebook group or like our Face book page.  If you would like extra support and encouragement then join our WhatsApp group - contact us for more details.

Inside the group you will get daily notifications of what each days number is and a little bit of extra nagging from a qualified fitness trainer and expert. You will also get an exclusive sneak peak at the next up coming challenge before it is launched on Facebook or here.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Walking Challenge

September 2024

30 Day


May 2024

30 Day

12 Days Of Fitmas

December 2024

12 Days


August 2024

14 Day

Step Ups/Stairs

April 2024

14 Day

Shoulder Bridge

November 2024

30 Day


July 2024

30 Day

Bums & Tums

March 2024

30 Day

Press Ups

October 2024

14 Day


June 2024

14 Day

Wall Sit

February 2024

14 Day

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