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Just a heads up for all my Simply Fitness Pilates participants - I have decided to cancel class on the 20th December as my Mum has booked the kids on the Christmas party at the beach hut 🙈.

If you are booked on I'll be in touch about transferring your ticket.

Victoria xx

We are back!

Well done to everyone that came to class last Tuesday…you smashed it despite the jumbled up hall!

Book now for next week if you didn’t join us and lets get back on it!

Simply Fitness Pilates

The first video of the holidays went out this morning if you were booked on check your emails for your link & password.

There’s still chance to jump on and get access to the video - book before the end of the day and you will get your email early tomorrow morning!

Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder next weeks class has been cancelled due to the hall being painted.

Could you let me know you have seen this by dropping me a comment or like.

Victoria Frances Jackson

Simply Fitness Pilates - IMPORTANT INFORMATION!

Unfortunately I need to cancel our last class of the term on the 26th July as the painters will be in the hall.

This does however mean they should be finished for the 16th August for when we re-start classes.


Simply Fitness Pilates - Important information

Just in case you missed the announcement in class tonight...unfortunately next weeks class on the 19th July has had to be cancelled, there has been a last minute change of plans regarding the school play so the hall is no longer free!


If I spoke to in class about your booking I have now moved it for you please watch out for the confirmation email and let me know as soon as possible if it's wrong.

Victoria Frances Jackson
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Just a reminder we are doing prickly balls in tonights class so you might want to wear some thin layers so you don’t get cold as you won’t be moving around as much as usal and certainly won’t get as hot & sweaty as last week.

I say thin as anything too thick will mean the prickles can’t do their job as well!

Victoria xx

Good news guys!

the hall roof hasbeen finished so we are back to class tomorrow for Simply Fitness Pilates!


Just a reminder that I am hoping to be back to normal for Simply Fitness Pilates on Tuesday 12th April but I won’t know for definate until we are back at school on Monday!

Hi guys

Unfortunately the school is having the hall roof replaced over the Easter holidays and it will be full of scaffolding so we won’t be able to fit in for class.

We are on as normal tonight the closed for two weeks and will restart again after the Easter break!

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