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Candlelight Pilates IV.

Now available to book.

Everyone is welcome including all non-members and past members.

My second treat of the holidays is a different zoom class recording.

This time it's Rhythm Pilates. A sequenced session set to the beat of the music. This is week one of an 8 week course.

Once again I hope you enjoy!!

Victoria xx

A little treat for you guys just in case you miss me since there is no face to face class for the next couple of weeks! This is an old zoom class called interval pilates and you will need a couple of small hand weights, tinned food or full water bottles will also work, or if you have nothing suitable you can do the whole class without any equipment. The class uses a 1:30 ratio which means we exercise for 1 minute and then rest for 30 seconds. This session alternates a weighted exercise with a body weight exercise and we warm up with some familliar exercises that we've recently done in class.


Victoria xx

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