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Is Pilates Suitable For Beginners?

Updated: Apr 18, 2023


And just to be clear I also mean ANY Pilates class should be suitable for a beginner!

And it's not just Pilates classes.

I may have a controversial opinion that doesn't currently seem to be the norm in my industry.


I don't believe there is any need for beginner classes...

Ooooooh! I hear you say!

She did not just say that!

Yes, yes I did.

And here's why...

Many, many years ago (more than I care to admit to!) when I first trained as a group exercise instructor and taking my first ever qualification I was always told that I should be able to cope with varying levels, abilities and conditions within my aerobics class.

They were clear that the qualification didn't cover me to teach a room full of pregnant women or people with bad backs but it did give me the tools to adapt and modify my exercises for the odd one here and there mixed in with the other participants. And that also applied to people of different fitness levels. The class could have many advanced participants and a few beginners but I was trained to give options to enable them to pick and chose what suited them best.

This continued to ring true when I first trained in Fitness Pilates. Almost the whole point of Pilates is it's many levels, options and adaptations. And again I was taught how to work with the different people that might come to my classes.

I will admit that just the thought of trying to bounce around in front of an aerobics class trying to remember my choreography, cue the next step, whilst currently doing a different step, giving options for the step we are doing whilst thinking of the options of the next one and doing it all in time to the music makes me a little queasy but thankfully those days are behind me.

Things are different for Pilates I love the challenge of a group Pilates class and the differences it brings. I don't care what shape, size, sex, ability you are. I have something for everyone inside my Pilates classes.

The people that come to my group classes are normal everyday people they aren't fitness professionals or professional athletes. If I had a room full of gymnasts or dancers all at a similar level of fitness and ability things may be a different, but they aren't so I cater to that in my class.

Some of them may be really in to their fitness and some may not. Some are relatively new some may have been coming for a while but believe me when I say that I can still give them a new exercise or level that they haven't done before that throws them for a loop! Because of this there are always many different levels and options in my classes. These choices mean that anyone, even someone completely new to exercise or who has never even heard of Pilates before can come to a class and participate without any trouble at all.

You don't have to be fit to come to my classes. You don't have to loose weight or build some muscle first.

Just come as you are, I can help you.

You will fit in nicely, you will not stand out.

No one will be looking at you, trust me, they will all be too absorbed in their own practice to worry about yours!

So what are you waiting for?

Come on down to class I promise you won't be disappointed!

Victoria xx


I don't promise it won't be hard work, just that it won't be impossible, that you will be able to participate in all of the class, that there won't be any waiting around because you feel can't do something!


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