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Guided Relaxation For Beginners

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Relaxation is a great way for your brain to get some active recovery. It's best to allow your mind to go completely blank when practicing relaxation to give the mind time to heal.

However it can be hard when you have no experience with relaxation to clear your mind of intrusive thoughs, you may find they creep back in without you realising.

A guided relaxation session can help you shift your minds focus as you either think about the suggested imagery or your breathing in some way to help keep your mind from wandering.

In this guided relaxation session we are using a technique called 'counting the breath'. It does what it says on the tin - you focus on the breath and count.

Let's begin...

Make sure you are somewhere comfortable...preferably somewhere warm, or make sure to wear plenty of warm clothing if not.

Lying flat onto the floor with your legs out straight, your arms in a low V palms up and your eyes closed.


Seated with your back against something solid, like a wall, your legs wherever is comfortable, crossed or out straight, and your hands resting on your thighs palms up. Bow your head and close your eyes.


Seated on a chair with a back and preferably arms so you can't fall off, with your feet flat onto the floor or small foot stool if they don't reach and your hands resting onto your thights palms up. Bow your head and close your eyes.

Take three deeper breaths to begin.

Focus on your breath.

If you can breathe in through your mouth and out theough your nose.

Don't change anything but count how long each part of the breath takes.

How long do your breathe in for?

How long do you hold at the top for?

How long do you breathe out for?

How long do you pause for before taking your next breath?

If you can make the in and out breath the same length.

An example of counting may be - breath in for four counts, hold for one count, breath out for four counts, pause for one count. But remember we are all different so your counting may not be the same.

Continue breathing a naturally as possible and counting the breath for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes take three deeper breaths.

Wiggle your fingers and toes.

Bend the knees if lying down and turn onto your right side.

Lift the head if bowed.

Open your eyes.

Well done you have completed your first ever 5 minutes of relaxation!

Victoria xx


Want to learn more about relaxation and the different tecniques? Book a FREE consultation here.


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