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Three Steps To Better Sleep

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Since March is national bed month it's only right we talk about how you can improve your sleep for a happier, healthier you.

We have three easy steps for you to follow.

Step One.


Creating an effective routine is key to taking the first step to better sleep.

There is a little more to it though. Often called 'Sleep Hygiene' there are a few more things you might want to think about. Get out into the natural light a soon as possible after you wake at the same each day, exercisinh during the daytime will help, no stimulants 8 hours before bed, don't use nicotine before bed and don't use alcohol to sleep, reduce the use of electronics before bed and don't use them in the bedroom, don't go to bed full, hungry or thirsty.

Step Two.


Create a sanctuary. A safe space to rest. A space to retreat to and relax. Ask your self is your sleep space inviting? Does it make you want to go to bed? If the answer is no then it's time to make changes. A lick of paint is a good place to start, try picking a relaxing colour scheme and theme.

Other things to think about are: Temperature - cool is best as your body temperature naturally increases as it gets ready to sleep. Lighting - dark is best, white light can make it difficult to fall alseep and stay asleep. Noise - most people need a quiet environment to sleep or try white noise. It's not called a sanctuary for nkthing so keeping mess to a minimum is also a good idea as mess can also be an anxiety trigger.

Step Three.


The right tyoe of mattress and pillows are important. Too soft and too hard are both not the best somewhere in the middle, just as Goldilocks preferred, is ideal.

The age of your mattrss and pillows is also something to look at. Experts recomend changing your mattress every 7-8 years and your pillows every 2-3 years. 'Bed Advice Uk' and 'Which' are both good place to look to for more bed advice.

Follow the steps...a great nights sleep awaits you!

Victoria xx


Need help? We have plenty of options to help with the daytime exercise part! Book a FREE consultation here.


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