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What Is A Dance or 1-2-1 Pass?

Have you attended one of VFJ Pilates dance or Pilates 1-2-1 sessions? Either face to face or online?

If you know you would like to attend would you like to save a little bit of money at the same time?

A session pass does just gives you four sessions with the fourth one being half price.

Read on for everything you need to know about session passes.

Where Do I Find Them?

On the navigation bar at the top of the VFJ Pilates website, click on 'Book Now' to show the drop down menu. From there click on 'Class Passes' and it will take you to a page that shows all our passes.

Which Pass Do I Buy?

First of all are you doing dance or Pilates? Are you taking just 30 minute sessions or a full hour? Our 1-2-1 sessions are priced the same whether you are online or face to face so this question doesn't matter when you are buying the pass only when you are booking your session.

We currently have four different passes relating to our 1-2-1 sessions. All give you the same discount of the fourth session half price:

  • Dance 30 - for 30 minute dance sessions.

  • Dance 60 - for 1 hour dance sessions.

  • 1-2-1 30 - for 30 minute Pilates sessions.

  • 1-2-1 60 - for 1 hour Pilates sessions.

We do also have two other passes relating to our classes so make sure your pass doesn't have the words 'Class Pass' in the title before you purchase, if it does you are buying the wrong kind of pass!

There are currently no passes available for our small group training sessions.

I've Bought One Now What?

The main thing to remember is that upon purchase of the pass you have only paid for the sessions, you still need to book your desired date and times to actually use the sessions on the pass. If you don't book you cannot attend and if you are an online attendee you won't receive an email with the zoom link.

How do I Book My Sessions?

From the navigation menu at the top of the VFJ Pilates website click 'Book Now' and this time choose 'Book 1-2-1'. This will take you to a page that shows all available 1-2-1 sessions. Towards the top of the page you will see tabs to choose 1-2-1 (Pilates), dance or small group training. It's at this point that it matters if you are attending face to face or online. Click 'Book Now' next to the session you wish to book. You then need to choose the date and the time of the session you want.

You can either click 'Book Now' to book just this session and check out or you can add it to your cart and then add more sessions. During the checkout process the oldest pass with available sessions left to book is selected, if there is no pass option showing then check you are logged in and that you successfully purchased then pass previously before continuing. You will still be given the option to pay for the session even if you have a pass should you wish to do so.

Please note that you must choose online to receive your zoom link regardless of the sessions being the same price.

Do I Have To Book All My Sessions At Once?

No you can book one at a time on a week by week basis if you are unsure if you will be able to attend. For all 1-2-1 sessions we ask that you book 24 hours in advanced. If you know what you are doing for the next two weeks you can book just two and then book the rest at a later date. Basically you can book how many and when you need to as long as it adheres to the 24 hour rule.

I'm Going On Holiday Is It Still Worth Buying?

Absolutely it is! A pass is valid for three months from the date you choose it to start from, this will usually be the date of purchase if you didn't change it during the checkout process.

What Happens If I Need To Cancel/Reschedule?

Our normal 24 hour cancellation policy applies to all booking regardless of whether they are a one off purchase or booked using a pass. If you don't give 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule a booked session then you will loose the session from your pass. If you do give 24 hours notice then you can choose to have the session credited back to your pass to rebook at a later date or you can reschedule it there and then.

My Pass Has Expired Can I Still Use My Sessions?

If your sessions have already been booked prior to the pass expiring then yes you can still use them and attend the sessions booked. However you will not be able to cancel or transfer any booked sessions once the pass has expired even with 24 hours notice - you will lose them if you do.

I'm A Bit Stuck Purchasing, Booking, Cancelling or Rescheduling!

Check out this blog post with more detailed step by step instructions on each process when using a mobile phone. Not using a phone? Each blog post contains a link to a video on YouTube showing the same process on a desktop.

So go on, what are you waiting for? Enjoy a little bit of discount on us!

Victoria xx


If you run into any difficulties you can always call or text me on 07859 967787 and I can talk you through the process...


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