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What Are The Pilates Principles

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

The principles of Pilates.

If you regularly attend Pilates classes the chances are you are quite familiar with this term and even if you don't know anything about Pilates itself you may still have heard talk of it.

But have you just dismissed it as a fancy buzz word that doesn't really mean anything.

If you dig a little deeper you will find that these 'principles' are actually very important and they should form the very basic underpinnings of your Pilates practice.

Joseph Pilates wrote extensively not just about his exercises but how they should be performed. He believed that healing and strengthening was a whole mind body process. He believed that you had to be conscious, mindful and present during your workouts to get the full benefit.


What are the six principles of Pilates?


What do I do with the six principles?

He developed the 6 principles to keep in mind whilst you perform each exercise in his contrology method. It is through these principles that you engage your whole mind and body.

I believe if you aren't trying to utilise these principles whilst partaking in a Pilates class you won't get the full impact.

Check out this blog post with more information about implementing the six principles.

If you aren't thinking of twenty different things at once are you even doing Pilates?

Victoria xx


The principles are also useful in other types of exercise and in other aspects of your life!


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