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How Do I Buy The Free Bronze Membership?

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Are you a new member of the VFJ Pilates family?

If you have recently bought your first face to face or live online session or class from us then the chances are you need to complete a couple of tasks before we meet.

The first of those is to buy a FREE bronze membership so you have access to all the questionnaires.

Lets take you through that now.

In this example we will buy a bronze membership as a new member from a mobile phone. If you need the desktop version check out this video instead.

Step One:

Finding the correct membership.

Click the menu icon at the top of the page.

Click on 'What We Do' then 'Memberships'.

A list of all available memberships will be displayed. You are looking for the FREE bronze option. Scroll down to find it.

Click 'Select' on the correct item.

Step Two:

Click 'Sign Up'.

Enter all your details. Check the box to subscribe to the newsletter. Click to agree to the terms & conditions. Then click 'Submit'.

You now need to verify you are not a bot via reCAPTCHA. Follow the onscreen instructions.

You may need to verify your email. If you do it will send you a 6 digit code which you need to enter to complete the verification process and finish signing up!

Click 'Get Plan' when all verifications are completed.

Step Three:

A confirmation message will show on screen and an email sent with details of your purchase.

Click 'Got it' to return to the website.

You will automatically be logged in and your name will now show at the top of the screen in the log in bar.

You can access the questionnaires and fill them out.

Don't forget to log out at the end of your session.

Your tasks are not complete. Refer to your email to see what you need to do next!

Victoria xx


As always you can always call or text me on 07859 967787 and I can talk you through the process...


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