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How Do I Log Into The Website?

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Stuck with how to log into the website?

Can't find your stuff?

Need to turn emails or notifications on or off?

Read on for detailed instructions.

Logging In:

Navigate to the website ( and log in.

You will use the email and password you used when you signed up for the Bronze membership to fill out the health questionnaire. If you do not remember your password you should be able to reset it. If you struggle with this please get in touch.

Step Two:

Finding your personal pages.

Click the arrow next to your name in the log in bar.

All available pages will show in the drop down list.

From here access your profile and upload a picture of yourself, see how many rewards points you have, change your notifications settings or simply browse things such as your forum posts and comments.

You can also click the arrow just underneath the log in bar at the top of the page.

Step Three:

Now to find your content.

Don't forget to log out at the end of your session.

Using a desktop computer? Check out this video instead!

Victoria xx


As always you can always call or text me on 07859 967787 and I can talk you through the process...


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