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How To Fill Out The Health Questionnaires

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Are you a new member of the VFJ Pilates family?

If you have recently bought your first face to face or live online session or class from us then the chances are you need to complete a couple of tasks before we meet.

The first of those is to buy a FREE bronze membership so you have access to all the questionnaires.

The second is to fill out a couple of questionnaires and forms.

In this example we will fillout the form needed when booking any class on a mobile phone. If you need the desktop version check out this video instead.

It is important to note that back care courses and all 1-2-1 sessions may need to fill out additional forms. You will have received all information about which forms you need to fill out in an email.

Step One:

Navigate to the website ( and log in.

You will use the email and password you used when you signed up for the Bronze membership to fill out the health questionnaire. If you do not remember your password you should be able to reset it. If you struggle with this please get in touch.

Step Two:

We now need to find the correct questionnaires and fill them out.

Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click 'Forms'. This will then show you all available questionnaires and forms.

First we need 'Health Questionnaire' 01

Click anywhere on the box and it will take you to a blank form.

Fill out your details and answer All questions.

All boxes need something in them so put 'n/a' in a box if it doesn't't apply to you.

Upload any documents and photos if needed.

At the bottom of the page you must check the box to say you have read the statement.

Please sign and date, then click 'Submit' when everything is complete.

Step Three:

A confirmation message will show on screen.

If an error message is shown double check each box and that you have clicked the check box.

You now need to repeat the whole process again to fill out 'Emergency Contact' 06.

If you are on a back care course or 1-2-1 you may have other forms to fill out. Check you email to see which ones you need.

Your tasks are now all complete! Don't forget your mat!

Victoria xx


As always you can always call or text me on 07859 967787 and I can talk you through the process...


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