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How To Use Your Class Or Session Pass

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Great you've purchased a pass!

Now what?

Remember you have only paid for the sessions. You now need to book which services, days and times you would like.

In this example we will be booking online classes with a 'Class Pass: Online' using a mobile phone.

Step One:

Navigate to the website ( and log in.

You will use the email and password you used when you signed up for the Bronze membership to fill out the health questionnaire. If you do not remember your password you should be able to reset it. If you struggle with this please get in touch.

Step Two:

Next we need to find your desired class.

Click on the websites menu button. Click 'Book Now' then ' Book Classes' to view all available classes.

Class are organised by type of delivery. Select, using the arrow, if you would like a live online class or face to face class to see your choices. We want 'Live Online' but remember you may want different.

We are booking 'Barre Pilates' today. Go ahead and click 'Book now' on your chosen class. This will take you to the calendar page with all available dates and times. It will show you the current week of the year first.

Click the arrows to find the date you want. Click on the time of the class to select it. and click 'Next' and then add then 'Book now'.

You will now be asked to fill out your details. Some of this information should be pre-filled as you are logged in.

Choose if you want to receive text reminders and enter your phone number. Choose if you would like to subscribe to our newsletter.

The bottom three check boxes must be ticked to proceed. Make sure to read all out terms & conditions and policies before you do.

Make sure your pass is selected as payment.

Click 'Book Now' if you are only booking the one class and it will take you straight to the confirmation page.

Click 'Add To Cart' then 'Add More Sessions' if you are booking more than one class. It will take you back to the calendar page. Repeat the selection process to add more sessions. Each time you get to the 'Fill out your details' page your previous selections will be remembered.

When you have added all you need to your cart click 'View Cart', double check all your dates, all prices should be £0 as you are paying with your pass. Now click 'Checkout' and then 'Place Order' you will then be taken to the confirmation page.

Important Information:

Your pass is valid for 3 months. You must book all sessions before it expires to use them.

You can book on the day of each class but if the class is full your booking will not be accepted.

All bookings, regardless of how they are paid for, are subject to our 24hr cancellation policy. If you cancel inside of the 24hrs you will lose that session.

Not using a mobile phone? Check out this video to see it done on a desktop computer!

Victoria xx


As always you can always call or text me on 07859 967787 and I can talk you through the process...


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