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Menopause: Signs & Symptoms

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Not sure exactly what will happen during your menopause journey?

Maybe you think you might have already started but aren't quite sure?

Don't worry VFJ Pilates has your is a list of things of the various signs & symptoms you may experience during peri-menopause.

This is list is by no means finished and if you feel there is something important I have missed off then by all means contact us and I will add it on...

Peri-menopause Signs & Symptoms...

  1. Hot Flushes - A sudden feeling of hot or cold in the face, neck and face.

  2. Night Sweats - Which in turn could cause difficulty sleeping or insomnia.

  3. Palpitations - When heartbeats suddenly become noticable.

  4. Anxiety - Which can also increase the afore mentioned palpitations.

  5. Headaches - Or a noticeable increase in headaches and migraines and they may be worse than usual.

  6. Brain Fog - You may feel you forget things or get mixed up more often.

  7. Sore Joints - This may also include joint pain or stiffness and mucle pain or stiffness.

  8. Skin Changes - Usually skin can become dry and itchy.

  9. Vaginal Changes - These changes can include dryness, pain, itchiness, irritation and discomfort during sex

  10. Sex Drive - Specificaly a reduction in your sex drive and interest in sex.

  11. Urinary Problems - Recurrent UTI’s and urine leakage.

  12. Periods - rregular periods, either closer together or further apart, periods also may become heavier.

Everyone is of course different and you may or may not experience one or all symptoms...

Victoria xx


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