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VFJ Pilates Free Live Services

Here at VFJ Pilates our speciality is online.

But do you know what exactly we do and what your options are?

Let’s break down our free live services for you…

Free Live

Here at VFJ Pilates we strive to provide services to fit all financial, time and space situations. To help with all three of those we do a few completely free, short, easy to manage exercise sessions via YouTube live.

  • Monday Movement.

10 minutes of exercise. Often this session is interval based to make the most of the 10 minutes. It doesn't involve a lot of running around so you don't need much space. We also use a minimum amount of equipment, we mainly use body weight, hand weights, one kettle bell and sometimes a resistance band. All exercises can be done purely body weight if you don't have any of this equipment. Often options are given to modify exercises and remove impact to make the sessions as accessible as possible.

Find it here on our YouTube fitness channel.

  • Feel-good Friday.

10 minutes of Pilates, stretching or guided relaxation. This is your de-stress session for the weekend. Again there isn't much moving around so you don't need much space. We almost never use any equipment but if we did it would probably be restricted to a resistance band or mini ball both of which can be substituted with household items or once again the exercises can be done purely body weight.

Find it here on our YouTube Pilates channel.

  • Challenges.

We run a bi-monthly challenge. Each time we feature a different exercise. The overview is often posted across all our social media and all information can be found here on the VFJ Pilates website. The best place to be however is inside the WhatsApp group for daily reminders and motivation *nagging*. Contact us for more details.

Our last day is always a grand finale and can be done live over on our fitness youTube channel here.

  • Tea & chat.

This is a round up of the month. I chat about what's been going on within the VFJ family, new products, services. I talk about updates to Competition A prizes and about current events or topics that effects us all or that interest me.

Find it here on the main VFJ YouTube channel.

Book a FREE consultation here for a quick chat about your options and how we can help you!

Victoria xx


All participation in our live social media sessions gain you entries into Competition A. Click here for more information.


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