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2023 December Newsletter




Welcome to the latest edition of the VFJ newsletter.


Seasonal Affective Disorder awareness month.


The nights are dark and long. The days are grey and short.


The Winter solstice is fast approaching and it gives us our shortest day and longest night of the year. This year it offically occurs on Friday 22nd December at 3:27am. We will have just 7 hours and 42 seconds of daylight in London that day and it is a drepressingly 8 hours and 49 minutes shorter than the Summer Solstice where we experience our longest day and shortest night.


The Winter Solstice offically marks the beginning of winter in the northern hemisphere and yes that means it's about to get colder along with the increasing darkness.


SAD, or winter depression, may sound like someone just doesn't like the cold and dark but it a very real and devastating mental health condition thought to be caused by a lack of sunlight due to the short winter days. It's name as well makes it seem less impactful than it actualy is - it's a form of depression, with all of the symptoms and complications that any kind of depression can come with.


SAD month is primarily a US awarenss promotion but I thought it's an important topic to showcase as SAD can have a huge impact on the peron experiencing it and those around them, not in the least, bcause they may seem 'fine' during the summer months and only experience the depression and other symptoms during the winter.


Therefore our topic this month explores the symptoms and causes of SAD, along with what you can do to help yourself or others with the disorder. We also will be looking at how to exerecise successfully and safely in the cold.

Challenge News


We began our last challenge of the year on Wednesday 13th December. We will be doing two challenges alongside each other - 12 Days of Christmas (self care) and 12 Days of Fitnmas.


Want to stay in the loop? Get yourself inside the WhatsApp group now for sneak peaks, extra motivation and daily reminders - contact us for details.


Remember participation in the challenge by posting 'sweaty selfies' to the facebook pages or group gains you extra entries into Competition A. Participation in the grand finale also gains you extra entries just make sure you comment #live or #replay once you have done the workout. To join me face to face via zoom make sure you are inside the WhatsApp group.


More information on how to gain entries and about the draw visit the website here.

General Info

YouTube Lives.

Both YouTube lives are paused whilst I decide what direction I am taking the businesses social media in and what services I'd like to offer.


Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter and I hope to see you soon!

Victoria xx


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