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2024 January Newsletter

Updated: Jan 27




Welcome to the latest edition of the VFJ newsletter.


Happy New Year.


Welcome to 2024!


Did you make a new years resolution? Ours is to get more people fit and healthy this year and into our Pilates classes!


 With that in mind we are running a new year special promotion.

Bring a friend to class and you both get a free class when they buy a class pass.

Or introduce a friend to our 1-2-1 sessions and you will both get £5 off a 1-2-1 session when they buy a 1-2-1 pass. This promotion with run right up until Easter Sunday.

There is no limit on how many friends you can bring during that time however the friend must be new to VFJ Pilates or a lapsed member who has not been to a session or class within, at least, the last three months.

The free class must be booked using the code that will be given to you and used within one month. Find further terms & conditions on our website.


Here at VFJ Pilates we are also having a new start and relaunching a lot of our social media and live events.


The first will be the grand finale of our January challenge. See challenge section below for more details.


We are also looking to become more active again on social media and inside the Facebook group. Get interacting, especially within the group, as each month the top 10 contributors receive even more entries to competition A.


Tea & Chat with Victoria will also be making a come back just to ensure that all the information about VFJ Pilates is getting out there. This will take place towards the end of each month.


Our topic this month is Dry January.


The holidays can often be filled with excess. Do you live by the motto eat, drink and be merry during the Christmas period? Here at VFJ Pilates we definitely like to indulge.

However, that's all very well but it isn't always the best for our bodies.


Dry January is about going alcohol free. It's a good way to kick start your year and a healthier and happier you! Joining dry January has many benefits from saving money, to no hangovers, however most importantly it can also help help you make a positive long term change to your relationship with alcohol.


As always we have all the information you need including the effects alcohol has on your body all on our various social media channels and facebook group. Check out the VFJ Pilates and VFJ channels below.

Challenge News

We began our first ever full year of challenges this month with an old favourite - 30 days of squats.

Next months will be a 14 day wall sit challenge and will begin on the 8th February.


Want to stay in the loop? Get yourself inside the WhatsApp group now for sneak peaks, extra motivation and daily reminders - contact us for details.


Remember participation in the challenge by posting 'sweaty selfies' to the facebook pages, Facebook group or WhatsApp group will gain you extra entries each time into Competition A. Participation in the grand finale will also gain you extra entries just make sure you comment #live or #replay once you have done the workout.

To join me face to face via zoom make sure you are inside the WhatsApp group.


The grande finale will be relaunched this month and will take place in the evening on the 30th January.


More information on Competition A visit the website here.

General Info

YouTube Lives

Both YouTube lives are due to be relaunched in February.

We may not be doing exactly the same as before so if you have any suggestions of exactly what kind of workout/sessions you would like to see then please get in touch - we always welcome suggestions!


Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter and I hope to see you soon!

Victoria xx


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Facebook Group

Join the free VFJ Fitness & Wellbeing group.

We are creating a wonderful suppotive community with help and advice for all your health & wellness needs.

Check out the guide section for your free gifts.

Don't forget to introduce your self!


Social Media


Great Harwood, UK 07859 967787 Join me on the Wix mobile app to stay updated, share posts and keep in touch.

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