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2023 November Newsletter




Welcome to the latest edition of the VFJ newsletter.


Winter nights and exercise.


The dark nights and bad weather are creeping in. So as another extra special incentive to get yourself up and out to class we are extending the back to school sale!!


The code remains the same and it still gives you a fantastic 20% off all pricing plans. This includes all memberships both monthly and weekly (first payment only), all class passes, all session passes and all online back care courses.


This time though it will run until...


...the end of November!


Just add code B2S20 at checkout.


Challenge News


New Challenges Alert!


We began our last full challenge of the year on the 1st november. This time we are doing shoulder bridges. It's not too late to jump in and catch up so get in contact!


Want to stay in the loop? Get yourself inside the WhatsApp group now for sneak peaks, extra motivation and daily reminders - contact us for details.


Remember participation in the challenge by posting 'sweaty selfies' to the facebook pages or group gains you extra entries into Competition A. Participation in the grand finale also gains you extra entries just make sure you comment #live or #replay once you have done the workout. To join me face to face via zoom make sure you are inside the WhatsApp group.


More information on how to gain entries and about the draw visit the website here.


General Info

YouTube Lives.

Both YouTube lives are paused whist I decide what direction I am taking the businesses social media in and what services I like to offer.



Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter and I hope to see you soon!

Victoria xx


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VFJ Pilates YouTube channel

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Facebook Group

Join the free VFJ Fitness & Wellbeing group.

We are creating a wonderful suppotive community with help and advice for all your health & wellness needs.

Check out the guide section for your free gifts.

Don't forget to introduce your self!


Website Groups

​A space for all class participants past and present.

​A space for all back care course participants past and present.

​A space for all current paying customers and members.


Social Media

For general assistance contact us.
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