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Good Bye Poopies

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Never work with animals or children!

Why though? They are adorable and do the cutest things...

...of course that is until they say the word "poopy" on your Facebook live...

A blog has to start somewhere and after many weeks of procastination *ahem* I mean deliberation, I still hadn't picked a topic and started mine.

Going live is difficult for me...even if there is someone watching. Unless they comment I feel very much like I'm talking to myself. I needed to choose this weeks mindfulness card and thought what better way to break the ice a little than to enlist the services of the Little Ice Princess - she's cute, has rainbow pigtails in today and chatters away.


Not only did she suddenly become tongue tied and inbetween the very few words that she did say, kept making random noises but she signed off, as I was ending the live, with the aforementioned P word.

"You did not just say that!"

"Yes Mummy I did just say that - bye bye poopies"

After a moment of complete panic, during which I wondered if we had time to delete the whole thing and start again before pre-school, I realised that I didn't have the time nor the energy and doing it later would mean I'd be by myself so it would have to stay.

So what have I learned from this episode?

Don't work with children especially young ones. It doesn't matter if you babble by yourself it's much safer and you won't regret it later.

Would I do it again?

Oh...who am I kidding?!? Of course I a heartbeat! Did I mention the cuteness and rainbow pigtails? And at least you guys got a laugh!

Instead what I have actually learnt is this...

If you pick a topic and picture and start can indeed start your new blog without too much fuss and bother even though you didn't think you had anything to say.

So good bye Poopies and I'll be back soon!

Victoria xx


Here's the video if you'd like some cuteness, pigtails and poopy in your life...have a go at the mindfulness activity whilst you're at it...


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