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What Does The Queen's Jubilee Mean?

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Unless you've been out of the country for a very long time you cannot have escaped all the fever surrounding the Queen's platinum jubilee celebrations and the extended bank holiday.

Here in Great Harwood the whole town has been involved one way or another.

Throughout the weekend various streets have been shut for street parties and the main street (Queen Street) was shut for most of Sunday for the Charter Fair. The town has been decked out in flags and bunting galore!

Here at castle Rogers we have also been getting into the jubilee spirit with lots of Union Jack decorations, flags, themed clothes and a slightly damp BBQ on the Sunday.

But what does the jubilee actually mean?

Lets take a look together and find out...

Basically the Queen is the first British monarch to reach her Platinum Jubilee, in other words she has been queen for 70 years. Which means she has given 70 years of her life to the service of the people of the UK.

It is also significant as it seems likely she will also be the only monarch to reach this milestone. Thanks to the fact we are living longer and the Queens long rein due to her early ascension, future generations will take the throne later on in life and will probably be unlikely to hit 70 years service.

But I think it is also much more than that. For me this time has been a celebration of our monarchy and everything that it means for our country. Here in the UK many of us love our royalty but I've seen and heard much confusion from people of other countries, especilly the US, that struggle to understand our devotion to our Queen.

The monarchy is an embodiment of our history and culture, therefore, the jubliee is a special time for us as our Queen is special to us.

Mark Easton writing for the BBC in an article published 10 years ago when The Queen reached her 60 year milestone I think says it best 'the British Monarchy is valued because it is the British Monarchy'. It is something almost impossible to define and explain. Put simply we love our Queen.

So I just one thing left to say to you...

God Save Our Queen

Victoria xx


If you're not a fan of the queen and especially if you don't live in the UK the sorry you don't get an opinion...jog on.


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