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2022 March Newsletter

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Welcome to the March addition of the VFJ Pilates newsletter.

How has February been for you?

February is a busy month for my family as we have two birthdays within a week of each other so it's been all go in the Jackson household. Combine this with the three storms we've just had in the space of two weeks, getting back to the gym has slipped further down my to do list. Instead I'm making the most of the new class we recently launched and of course Monday movement and feelgood Fridays - make sure you join me and say hi.

General Info

March brings us to our next challenge. Details are all available in the WhatsApp group, Facebook Group and via all our pages. This time we are doing press ups

What kind of challenge are you hoping for next? Hop on over to one of the groups and let me know - you just might get your wish...

Remember participation in any of our live workouts including the challenge finale gain you entries into Competition A just make sure you comment #live or #replay once you have done the workout. More information on how to gain entries and when the draw takes place can be found here.

Happy News

The VIP Exclusive members area just for our Friday treats and the VIP Exclusive website group are both working well and thankfully none of my pervious problems have reared their ugly heads. As I write this I've already produced March's friday treat and it is set to publish at 7.00am on the last Friday of this month!

Friday treats are for paying customers only so I have to manually add the VIP pricing plan to your account once you have signed up for the FREE bronze membership. All current customers should have already had it added by now so please let me know if I have missed you.

New Class

Barre Pilates started at the beginning of February. A 30 minutes live online class delivered via zoom. The class is a fusion of a traditional ballet barre and Pilates exercises. Click here to book. Everyone that books will also recieve a link of the recording of the class so don't worry if you can't make it live - you have the rest of the week to do it in your own time.

Don't forget about our new courses starting towards the end of March:

New 6 Week Courses

New dates for our brand new live online sciatica care programme and our primary back care course are coming up soon. Book now to ensure you don't miss out. We start towards the end of March.

We also have an advanced back care course coming soon for anyone who has completed the primary back care course and would like to progress furthur. Please get in contact for more details.


Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter and I hope to see you soon!


Victoria xx


VFJ Pilates Latest Blog

How do I book onto a class?

Read it here.


March Tea & Chat with Victoria

Mar 25, 9.30 PM GMT+1

I will be live via the VFJ YouTube channel. Click here to view.


VIP Friday Treat

View Here

February's Friday treat was a 10 min taster of our new Barre pilates class.

Want more?

Click here to book on.


We have two weekly 9.30 am lives available via our Pilates YouTube channel and our fitness YouTube channel.


Website Groups

Class Participants

A group for all class participants past and present.

A space for you to connect, share videos, photos and recieve class information.

Back Care

A group for all back care course participants past and present.

A space for you to connect, share videos, photos and revieve back care information.

VIP Exclusive

A space for all current paying customers.

A space for you to connect, share videos, photos and recieve VIP information.


Facebook Groups

VFJ Fitness & Wellness

VFJ Pilates runs an ever growing supportive community on facebook.

This group is a space for all things health, wellness and fitness related.

From a monthly squat challenge to self care help and ideas we aim to support you in all areas not just fitness.

VFJ Test

VFJ has a new test group for anyone willing to come in and help us test new features and new ways for us to delivery content to you.

Entry is free and participation in any live events and tests will gain you extra entries into competition A.

For general assistance contact us.
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