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Menopause: What To Do & What Not To Do

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Are you peri-menopausal?

Have you started experiencing symptoms?

Not sure how to cope and what to do?

Don't worry VFJ Pilates has your is a list of things you can to to help ease symptoms and a few things to avoid that might exasperate them.

What To Do To Help Yourself...

  1. Rest - Get plenty of rest. Try to keep a regular sleep routine to help.

  2. Exercise - Make sure to regularly exercise. Weight-bearing activities are good to help your bones. Exercise also helps lift your mood and helps you get better sleep.

  3. Diet - Eat a healthy varied diet. Eat small light meals.

  4. Relax - Try and mind & body based activity such as yoga or Pilates. Have a massage or go to the spa.

  5. Meditate - Try this easy guided relaxation if you have never tried to mediate before as it can be a skill that takes a little practice.

  6. Write it down - There's no real advice to combat the brain fog other than to write everything down and keep a detailed diary then you have less chance of messing up or forgetting.

  7. Talk - Try talking to someone going through the same experience such as family, friends or work colleagues. Talk to your health professional, doctor or even you exercise instructor.

  8. Keep cool - Dress in light layers, avoid hot drinks and spicy foods. Take water with you wherever you go. Cooling down your bedroom is also a must to help combat the night sweats, try opening a window or using a fan to lower the temerature of the room before you go to bed.

  9. Lube up - To combat vaginal dryness try a water-based lubricant.

  10. Pelvic floor - Remember those exercises they teach to pregnant ladies? Time to get practicing those kegals to help with urine leakage.

  11. Triggers - Keep a diary and get to know your triggers, prevention is always better so if you can identify that the Friday night curry sets of hot flashes and night sweats then you can change up your meal for a better nights sleep and stop your symptoms before they occur.

When Not To Do...

  1. Don't smoke.

  2. Drink excessive caffine.

  3. Drink excessive alcohol.

Make looking after yourself a priority...

Victoria xx


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